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The accounts are activated automatically. It means that package is created on the server right after the order completion and you will receive the welcome email with the cPanel login details right away. If hosting account is ordered along with domain registration, the DNS servers should be updated to our hosting ones automatically. In other cases you will need to update DNS manually. For more details please refer to Nameservers updates section. Occasionally cheap web hosting, due to excessive Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Aol anti-spam filtering, welcome emails can be sent to the spam folder or sometimes lost. If you feel this has happened to you, please either contact us online or submit a helpdesk ticket and we will resend your welcome email. Once the setup is complete, you will receive an email best web hosting sites (Welcome Email) with your login information for your web hosting account (cPanel account). If you don't receive the email within the specified period, please contact us via Live Chat or create a hosting support ticket at our helpdesk so that we can assist you faster. This whole misuse of the term bandwidth started perhaps because most packages come with a specified amount of Gigabytes/month. Some might've considered it to be the same thing as bandwidth because the latter is measured in bits/second. But who knows? Anyway, most likely you already know what I'm talking about. Still, just to be clear and rigorous I must make a clear distinction between terms. Bandwidth means data transfer rate, which is a speed - the speed of transferring data. Hence unlimited bandwidth would mean, in other words, an infinite speed when transferring data. This does not exist. Speeds are limited in our world. For example we (or at least most of us) believe that the speed of light is the ultimate speed of anything in this universe. However, the speed of light is limited, not unlimited. Back to definitions, when most hosting companies refer cheapest web hosting to bandwidth in their shared/reseller hosting packages they actually mean "data transfer", not "data transfer rate". They state for example 5GB of bandwidth, meaning that you'll be allowed to transfer 5GB of data, usually within a period of time of one month. This is the data best web hosting transfer that you are allowed to use (or consume), the amount of data that is transmitted, not the speed at which it is/can be transmitted.